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SaaS Accounting Software for Growing Companies

If you're a start-up or a tech entrepreneur you might think your accounting needs are simple, after all, aren't all start-ups? If your plan involves rapid growth, you'll be surprised at how fast your accounting software checklist grows to support your plans. AccountsIQ will help you ride through the growing pains from start-up, to scale-up and into maturity.
Accounting Software for Startups
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    Modern accounting
    Cloud accounting doesn't just mean simple accounting. Grow with confidence with the right tool.
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    Group reporting
    As you establish new entities when growth opens up new markets, you need to be able to minimise administration.
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    Role-based dashboards
    You're busy, and always on the go, which is why our information is pushed to you online so you're in control.
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    Integrated reports
    We've helped people like you before. Our pre-built reporting libraries deliver proven results.
Tech and fintech accounting

Complexity creep

You start off with an idea, you introduce it to some friends and then customers start buying. Before long you're attracting the attention of investors and your idea is fast becoming a global brand. At what point do you recognise that your accounting needs will become more complex? AccountsIQ helps you by delivering simple software that handles the complexity of fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups. We were one ourselves once.

Group entities screen

Scaling up when growth takes off

Your business is operating out of one room for months and before you know it, you have entities in all the major international financial centres. You've got staff, accountants and investors all demanding your time and decisions. AccountsIQ will take the strain off you and allow you to deploy new entities at pace with no disruption. Roll-up all your income and expenditure as you need to and stay in charge of your destiny.

Cost control remains key as revenues rise

As fast as the revenue line grows so do the expenses. Staffing, offices, marketing, recruitment, legal and accounting fees all increase as you build infrastructure. AccountsIQ knows you need multi-dimensional analysis, multi-currency handling and frequent sweeps to consolidate expenditure and sales performance data from around your organisation. Use our cloud tools to collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to keep the lid on costs and blow it off your revenue targets.

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AccountsIQ implementation Meeting

Rapid implementation at lowest sustainable cost

We work hard to ensure that our products are designed for rapid deployment. Our onboarding team will give you tailored and personal guidance for a smooth onboarding process. Our amazing AIQ Academy e-Learning portal provides video-based “just-in-time” training on how to use the product so all your users can get up-to-speed quickly.

Top 5 benefits of adopting AccountsIQ SaaS accounting software

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Scale up fast
Avoid unnecessary disruption
Price in complexity from the outset with a product that can service you from start-up simplicity to scale-up sophistication and avoid unnecessary disruption later.
Support your growth plans
Invest in growth
Don't be constrained by your infrastructure. Invest in accounting software that can grow with you and support you on your journey.
Information when you need it
Visibility and transparency
Make sure that visibility and transparency are deployed with your information systems so that all stakeholders feel engaged and informed to harvest investor confidence and staff loyalty.
Dedicated support
Gaining focus
Working with a team that have been through your experience means you know you'll get a quick response and a speedy resolution to queries so you can focus on your own business and customers.
Affordable growth
Easy management
Only invest in what you can afford and AccountsIQ, with one simple monthly fee, is easy to manage and stops infrastructure costs taking over your P&L.

Scale with confidence - see the power of AccountsIQ

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