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API Integration for Accounting

AccountsIQ integration partners

AccountsIQ provides a full Application Programming Interface (API) that updates datasets to and from 3rd party applications.

"Our team found it really easy working with AccountsIQ.”
Helen MacDonald, Finance Manager, PortSwigger.

Seamless API integration

  • Our API toolset enables the seamless integration of our accounting software with many other applications. These include: booking software, ecommerce platforms, CRM systems, EPOS, payroll systems, and stock control. This eliminates the need for time consuming data re-entry in separate systems.
  • EPI Integration partners can send data to AccountsIQ as a data package using a predefined set of methods. Partners can also send data to multiple customer databases within AccountsIQ.
  • AccountsIQ provides an encrypted partner key to 3rd party integrators. A customer key identifying the customer database(s) is created in the application. These keys need to be submitted with each data transfer request.
  • Partners submit a HTTPS request and supply the relevant parameters. The API validates this request and responds with either a success or a failure notification. If successful, the data is immediately imported to the tables of the relevant customer database. If the validation fails, you’ll get a message indicating the cause.
  • Partners can also extract data from AccountsIQ for display or reporting within their own application. For example, you can display stock or customer balance data in other applications.

Get started with API integration

Our Implementation team can give you all the functional documentation, help with any questions, and give you access to a staging environment so you can test integrations. Please review the API documentation first.

“The integration and the API are what we’ve been really happy with. We have developers in house who roll their eyes when you talk about the other larger accounting software vendors because they are so cumbersome. Our team found it really easy working with AccountsIQ to get it all up and running. That’s what really sold us.”

Helen MacDonald, Finance Manager, PortSwigger. Read the PortSwigger case study.