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Multi company accounting software

You face the same challenge every month; managing the inconsistencies in subsidiary accounts before consolidating to produce monthly accounts for group stakeholders. You rely on spreadsheets to collate and transform data and to perform critical calculations. AccountsIQ is designed to help you reduce errors, provide access to up-to-date information and drill-down to subsidiary level data. Additionally, AccountsIQ blends your GL coding with detailed BI analysis. One powerful and affordable solution for all your accounting, consolidation and business intelligence needs.
Multi-company accounting software
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    Modern accounting
    Real-time cloud accounting designed for groups without compromise.
  • group
    Group reporting
    Stay on top of subsidiary activities with drill down to each entity from consolidated reports.
  • dashboard
    Role-based dashboards
    Share information with key stakeholders using real-time charts and visualisations.
  • report
    Integrated reports
    250+ reports let you focus on advising colleagues as we've done the heavy lifting for you.
Automated accounting

Reduce complexity, increase confidence

The intricacies of group finance means significant effort translating multiple sets of subsidiary accounts into a common consolidated view. The cost of sophisticated, enterprise-grade solutions steers many small to medium enterprises to spreadsheets to collate data and perform complex aggregations, transformations and calculations. AccountsIQ sweeps away the need to rely on error-prone and difficult to audit spreadsheets with automated accounting right across your group.

Performance reporting

Manage differences without losing oversight

Control of subsidiary activity is a challenge, with diverse entities operating in different jurisdictions with local statutory obligations and group governance rules to navigate. AccountsIQ lets you maintain disparate local GL codes that map to common group-wide GL categories and sub-categories. Performance reporting at subsidiary branch, division or department level can also be consolidated, giving you monitoring insight into subsidiary activities.

Grow confidently anywhere and focus on your business priorities

You may be a growing organisation making acquisitions or setting up new operations overseas. This introduces many new accounting challenges, including multi-currency. AccountsIQ allows maintainence of exchange rates centrally, so you can monitor exposure to currency fluctuations and remotely update period and spot rates. 1-click consolidation converts local base currencies to group-level base currency, so you can focus on the accounting not the arithmetic.

Save time and achieve more

So much of your time is likely spent organising the collation, evaluation, correction and normalisation of subsidiary accounting records. Once you've configured AccountsIQ you'll have a single click to bring all subsidiary data into your consolidated entity. If you have groups within groups, one click for each of those is all it takes. Join other AccountsIQ customers who are saving days every month on their consolidated accounts production and spend more time on higher value strategic tasks for the business.

Giving your company the edge

Top 5 benefits of adopting AccountsIQ to manage your group company consolidated accounting

Benefit 1
Time savings
Save significant time and produce consolidated group accounts faster than before. Our day-to-day accounting automation and rules-based consolidation configuration will shave days off your month-end routines.
Benefit 2
Reduced complexity
AccountsIQ is designed for organisations to collate the accounting data more easily and accurately. As a result, we have reduced the complexity of group accounting without compromising on the intricacies involved.
Benefit 3
Faster reporting
When reports and analysis arrive faster at the end of each reporting period on the back of increased automation, confidence steadily grows. Faster, better business decisions can be made with an improved service from the finance team.
Benefit 4
1-click consolidation
Real-time dashboard and KPI updates are available in subsidary entities continuously and updates in consoldated entities once a consolidation run has taken place. By performing 1-click consolidation frequently, throughout the month, you give group insights and real-time visibility with drill-down to the underlying detail.
Benefit 5
AccountsIQ is designed for mid-sized and growing entities and is priced to reflect this target market. For a single, low monthly-fee you can access all the key features of our group accounting solution at a price you'll be pleased with and perhaps didn't expect.

Accurate, consolidated multi company reporting in real time, in one click

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