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Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Keeping tabs on your cash position remains a core activity in a responsible financial management regime. AccountsIQ allows you to leverage the online accounting transactions including anticipated payments and receipts, certain budgeted items such as staff costs and known liabilities such as tax to present a visual cash flow forecast over a range of time periods.
37. Cashflow dashboard
  • lightbulb
    Modern accounting
    Use the transactions you've posted to guide your understanding of cash.
  • group_work
    Group reporting
    Spot cash trends around your group in good time to take effective action.
  • dashboard
    Role-based dashboards
    A visual forecast chart helps provide understanding alongside the data.
  • summarize
    Integrated reports
    Export the forecast to Excel for further modelling or print to share.

Prevent unexpected cashflow problems with effective cash flow forecasting

One of the primary reasons for businesses getting into difficulty is failure to spot cash flow problems in good time.  AccountsIQ allows you to maintain a range of forecasting models covering short term and long term time periods.  The models allow you to filter transactions and edit dates to adjust the effect on cash of anticipated P&L budgets and asset liquidation.

Man at Desk

Manage future cash requirements

Using the short term debtor and creditor transactions posted within AccountsIQ as well as budgeted P&L and accrued tax liabilities you'll be able to make early decisions about strategies such as additional funding, overdrafts or invoice discounting type credit. Combining actual transactions with planned activities from AccountsIQ P&L budgeting provides you with the tools you need to look forward with confidence.

45. Cash flow statement

Include cash flow forecasting in your monthly management reporting

AccountsIQ focuses on delivering online capabilities that speed up your accounting cycle and reducing the time taken to close your period reporting window. Spend less time gathering data and more time analysing both within Finance and out in the management teams around the organisation. Growing businesses can use AccountsIQ to provide enterprise-grade functionality within our affordable subscription plans.

  • insights
    Online forecasting
    All the details you need available at your fingertips. No need to search and collate, it's all here.
  • date_range
    Customise time periods
    Short term operational cash management or longer term strategic planning. Customise your scenario models.
  • remove_red_eye
    Monitor bad debts
    Identify serial late payers who damage cash flow and take action to restrict their credit, thus preserving your cash flow.
  • insights
    Evaluate subsidiary performance
    Growing businesses can start to act like a Group Treasury function by modelling all subsidiaries.
  • group_work
    Choose accounts to include
    Define the accounts that are critical for your forecast model. AccountsIQ will include certain transactions automatically.
  • edit
    Preserve edits in model
    Edit the modelled scenario to change expected dates of cash events and preserve these edits through further forecast runs.
  • account_balance
    Choose bank accounts
    Focus on the trading bank accounts that have the most transactional activity to ensure you have full visibility of the key cash metrics in your organisation.
  • credit_card
    Include committed spend
    Consider purchase orders as well as payables so you get the fullest view of your spend horizon and likely cash requirements.
  • summarize
    Include budgets
    If its too soon to have a transaction brought into the forecast model, include P&L accounts such as payroll and planned large scale investments via their financial budgets.

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