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Smarter accounting software delivers growth for accountancy firms

Grow your accountancy practice by recommending and providing award-winning smarter accounting software to your clients. AccountsIQ is the software that will help you hold on to growing clients just as they become more profitable. Scale up your practice and your career.
AccountsIQ core financials
  • lightbulb
    Modern accounting
    Smarter accounting software to look after your clients' demanding needs as they grow.
  • summarize
    Group reporting
    Save time, improve auditability, reduce risk and increase profits.
  • dashboard_customize
    Role-based dashboards
    Help clients extract more value from their data well beyond the finance team.
  • assessment
    Integrated reporting
    Rapid deployment for clients including 250+ reports library.

Connect with your clients and their data to collaborate online without compromise

Work together in real-time to review and discuss your client's financial transactions. With AccountsIQ you can help clients who have outgrown their starter cloud accounting software by delivering advanced functionality using a similar deployment model. Provide more sophisticated capabilities to fuel your growth clients and contribute to your own plans to grow and profit from digital transformation.

Save time and simplify and streamline accounting processes

AccountsIQ delivers advanced features to capture, analyse and report on your clients' financial transactions. Automation is at the heart of our software, simplifying complex journals, multi-dimensional analysis and multi-company consolidation. Your clients will close faster, achieving a greater volume of work with less resources than would be required for manual workarounds or larger enterprise-grade solutions.

Grow your business by offering more to your growth clients

A well debated point is: should accountancy firms switch their focus from core compliance work (book-keeping, audit etc) towards broader, business advisory and consulting work? AccountsIQ is the no-compromise cloud accounting software that lets you do both. We make more sophisticated accounting easier and faster to complete, so there's more time for you and clients to discuss wider issues and execute real change. Where starter systems leave gaps demanding manual workarounds, AccountsIQ makes space for you to sell more value added services to more valuable clients.

Accounting Software for Accountancy Firms

Secure the confidence to keep growth clients online and reap the benefits

Keep your growth clients online and continue to benefit from the security advances enabled in the cloud over cumbersome on-premise options. Protect client data and enable enterprise-grade advanced accounting functionality to replace the workarounds introduced in high-risk Excel spreadsheets. One low monthly fee for an AccountsIQ subscription buys more capabilities for a fraction of the cost of capital-intensive alternatives.

Giving your accountancy practice the edge

Top 5 benefits of adopting AccountsIQ for your accountancy firm

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Benefit 1
Minimise costs
Minimise costs for your growing clients. As organisations grow their cost base inevitably grows in parallel and often ahead of revenue. AccountsIQ absorbs the increased workload without exponential cost increases.
Benefit 2
Increase margins
Increase margins using AccountsIQ to perform outsourcing services to your growth clients or to collaborate with them online reviewing the same data. Doing more work with less resources consumed means you earn more.
Benefit 3
Attract higher value clients
Adding AccountsIQ to your roster of recommended products will naturally attract higher value clients. Larger groups and growing businesses with sophisticated controls ensure growth in revenue from a wider range of professional services.
Benefit 4
Collaborate effectively
Collaborate effectively with clients online, in real-time, to create a closer working relationship, help them close faster and with enhanced data quality.
Benefit 5
Win loyalty
Win your clients' loyalty with improved productivity using AccountsIQ's automated, smarter cloud accounting software. Work with more clients with higher productivity yourself driving increased fees and margins.

Scale up your practice and your career with AccountsIQ

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