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Cloud Budgeting Software

Good financial discipline stems from managing agreed income and expenditure reflecting the strategic objectives of your organisation. AccountsIQ incorporates your budgets into our cloud accounting software to enable budget checking and to minimise overspend. You'll be able to produce variance reports right across your group and subsidiaries.
41. Budget P&L consolidated with budget report
  • lightbulb
    Modern accounting
    Maintain budgets for checking available funds before commitments are raised.
  • group_work
    Group reporting
    Monitor group variances with rolled-up actuals and budgets.
  • dashboard
    Role-based dashboards
    Find out the impact on key budgeted metrics with just a few clicks.
  • summarize
    Integrated reports
    Pre-built budget variance enquiries and reports get you off to a quick start.

Replace your spreadsheets with cloud accounting for vital budget control

Spreadsheets are a part of every accountants working life.  Their role as an ad hoc database combined with sophisticated and infinitely flexible modelling tool has been accepted for decades. However, as these spreadsheets became more critical, they grew in complexity with reliance on a small number of people.  AccountsIQ allows you to store budgets and any revisions online alongside your actual values for incredibly easy variance reporting.

Consolidation Manager

Consolidated budgets give you the whole story

Let your teams around your group, manage their budgets in their local base currency. AccountsIQ will consolidate subsidiary budgets using our currency translations to ensure that you can monitor budget variance performance right around your organisation. Consolidate as often as necessary to stay on top of potential risks.

Dashboard on a mobile

Collaborate using budgets to prevent damaging overspends

By accounting in the cloud all corporate financial data is easily shared with colleagues. AccountsIQ budget-holders and others, can participate in the full range of decision-making activities to approve spend complete with full knowledge of the budget impact. Maintain your budgets in AccountsIQ to ensure your management team are as effective as possible.

  • edit_calendar
    Budget by year and period
    Collate all your budgets by period for detailed comparisons between months and years.
  • code
    Budget by GL account and BI code
    Budget at GL code and BI code analysis structures to gain insight from the perspective of every cost centre, department and project etc.
  • insights
    Consolidate budgets
    Roll-up budgets alongside actuals into your Group consolidation for a complete comparison of subsidiary performance.
  • receipt
    Budget checking
    Manage spend by evaluating each purchase order against current commitments including existing orders, actuals to date and the funds available.
  • legend_toggle
    Budget monitoring
    Dive into pre-built reports and role-based dashboards showing your budget variances in management reporting packs and enquiries.
  • track_changes
    Revised budgets
    When the world changes around you, take stock and update your budget with a separate revision. You can now track performance against original budget and revised budget.
  • calculate
    Calculate budget updates
    Adjust, spread, fill and copy budgets using neat calculation processes to quickly capture new budgets. This also makes adjustments a breeze.
  • file_upload
    Excel upload
    Where your budget setting process takes place outside AccountsIQ download an Excel template to use as an upload for all or some of your budgets.
  • dashboard
    Variance reporting
    AccountsIQ provides varied opportunities to present your budgets next to actuals. Use grid-style enquiries or pre-built reports and dashboards.

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