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Automated Bank Reconciliation Software

Being a true cloud accounting software solution we are constantly adopting the latest innovations within the banking and settlement space. Our focus is to make domestic and foreign payments as seamless and secure as possible. AccountsIQ's automated payment and bank reconciliation functionality supports Open Banking.
Bank Rec Screen
  • account_balance
    Modern accounting
    Automate payments and transaction imports with Open Banking.
  • summarize
    Group reporting
    Consolidate as often as necessary to ensure subsidiary cash liquidity is maintained.
  • dashboard_customize
    Role-based dashboards
    Monitor currency exposure across your group.
  • assessment
    Integrated reports
    Use cash and bank reports to manage all your bank accounts.
Multicurrency Consolidation

Simple creation of payments, receipts and transfers

AccountsIQ seamlessly enables integration with your banking providers across the globe to make payments and record receipts and transfers. Manage your currency positions locally and consolidate as frequently as you wish through the month to keep on top. 


Periodically reconcile your bank accounts to account for charges and unanticipated transactions.  Automate these tasks to save time and deal with discrepancies faster with live bank feeds through our Plaid Open Banking partnership.  Rules-based processing means you can close each month faster and with greater confidence. 

AccountsIQ UI

Visibility of cash and trends

Managing all your banks within AccountsIQ to share and display significant KPIs. The embedded Business Intelligence capabilities allow you to add value to your normal cash reporting to give visibility right to the top of your organisation. Role-based dashboards allow you to present cash and currency exposure with forecasts right across your Group.

  • account_balance
    Open Banking
    Maintain advantage by keeping your bank cash position up-to-date and group-wide.
  • receipt
    Integrated payments
    Issue payment files directly to banks or through clearing systems such as BACS and save time.
  • speed
    Bank transaction import
    Feed your automated bank reconciliation with regular uploads of bank transactions. Speed up period-end closing.
  • checklist
    Automatic bank reconciliation
    Initiate bank reconciliations to auto-match transactions. Create unexpected transactions from the same screen.
  • drive_file_move
    Suggested payment runs
    Prepare files for bank payment submission and leverage parameters to select the optimal suppliers and values.
  • approval
    Payment approvals
    Use our collaborative workflow tools to seek authorisation for suggested payment runs ensuring compliance with corporate governance rules.
  • euro
    3-way FX settlement
    Ensure you optimise results from exchange rate disparities using triangulation. Convert CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY and USD to convert from Euros to home currencies.
  • price_check
    Cashflow forecasting
    For short term working capital monitoring and long range budgeting and planning AccountsIQ helps you manage your global bank accounts.
  • account_balance
    Direct debit
    Process direct debits into your Euro bank accounts using the EazyEFT clearing system. Rapid cash collection automated by AccountsIQ.

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