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Collaborate better with your teams

Whether you are an accountancy practice, running a private equity portfolio or managing the finances for a group of subsidiaries you need to interact with your stakeholders. AccountsIQ's cloud-based, collaborative accounting software ensures you are working on the same data, 24x7 and shares additional information such as notes and documents and initiates key online approvals.
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    Modern accounting
    Work on the same data with colleagues, accountants and clients and save time and increase accuracy.
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    Group reporting
    Leverage the cloud and ditch the pain caused by spreadsheets for smoother consolidation.
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    Role-based dashboards
    Engage and inform all stakeholders so decision making is driven by real-time data.
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    Integrated reports
    Enjoy a consistent view shared with stakeholders using our pre-built reporting libraries.
Financial services accounting software

Work together and achieve smoother accounting results

Cloud-powered approval workflow software breaks down the barriers between your teams, subsidiaries and your external accountants. Smooth out your accounting processes by letting all parties work on the same data. Speed up decisions, and reduce the time to raise queries and resolve errors. Spot issues ahead of reporting deadlines, keep an eye on cash flow requirements and minimise over-budget activity.

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Always connect to the latest financial position
Real time visibility
Before the era of cloud accounting software, data was published to stakeholders with a shelf-life, and always out-of-date. The risk to effective decision making was clear. AccountsIQ allows all users to access the latest data real-time wherever they are based and to consume information appropriate to their role. Dispersed groups, diverse portfolios and demanding clients can all work together on a single version of the truth, 24x7.
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Approvals online and via mobile app
Easy approval workflow
Going digital is the most significant improvement you can make to the finance function. AccountsIQ enables critical decisions to be performed online reducing the time taken to complete key tasks. Purchase orders, expense claims and supplier invoice approvals can all be made online and using our mobile app. Payment run authorisation can be performed online so no matter where your people are they can be actively involved in day-to-day tasks.
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Increase online activity with confidence to drive growth.
Real time accounting
The move online is being made with greater confidence by more and more organisations. If you are an accounting firm then manage all your clients' accounts online and drive revenue, retention and profitability. Spend less time doing the low-skilled compliance work and provide added value trusted business adviser activity. If you are a group or private equity portfolio monitor all your entities activities in real-time to react earlier to performance and cash warnings. Do all of this on the latest technology platforms more securely than using traditional methods.
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Learn how you can work together on a single version of the truth, 24x7

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