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Accounting Software for Financial Services

Your clients trust you to manage their money. Whether you handle private individual portfolios or multi-million global funds, it all comes down to your clients’ confidence in you. When managing your own firm’s finances, you also need confidence in your financial services accounting software. Switching to AccountsIQ will not only reduce your costs and cut processing time but will also increase stakeholder confidence in the integrity of your financial statements.
Why SaaS is a game-changer for SPV accounting
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    Modern accounting
    All the features you need automated within one accounting software platform.
  • group
    Group reporting
    Rapid consolidation, with 1-click per group and sub-group keeps you on top of performance throughout each reporting period.
  • dashboard
    Role-based dashboards
    Present role-based visualisations to help your colleagues manage every aspect of your business.
  • report
    Integrated reports
    Our library of reports has all the tools financial services accountants need.

Save time, for a faster close

AccountsIQ automates the key tasks that slow down your monthly close - from multi-entity consolidation to adjustment journals. Automating reduces errors and gives you time to analyse and present business-critical data.

multi-entity accounting

Complexity simplified

Managing a complex, global multi-entity, multi-fund or multi-asset business is never easy. But, with AccountsIQ, you can replace error-prone spreadsheets with our automated online data capture, rules-based monthly adjustments and comprehensive coding. This, along with fully tracked change logs all in one platform, will give you audit and compliance confidence.

Affordable flexibility delivers real-time financial reporting

AccountsIQ's advanced reporting technology provides the insight and analysis to support informed decision making. With near real-time finance reporting, supported by continual consolidation, you can respond to business events fast. It’s quicker – and more accurate – than using a library of spreadsheets.

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Financial services accounting software

Deliver data with integrity to support confident decision making

Fast, accurate data helps you stay ahead of the decision-making curve and instils confidence in management reports. AccountsIQ layers integrity into the data capture process, using an open API to integrate with business systems and validate in real-time. Removing manual interventions reduces errors and ensures your stakeholders have the data to monitor performance of all entities, assets and funds.

Giving your company the edge

Top 5 benefits of adopting AccountsIQ to manage your financial services business

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Benefit 1
Save time
Save hours, even days, accelerating monthly close and deliver faster reporting with AccountsIQ's process automation and 1-click consolidation.
Benefit 2
Remove complexity
Rules-based automation ensures you produce monthly reports quickly and accurately – even in complex group structures spanning multi-entities, multiple funds and asset types.
Benefit 3
Reduce stress
Ditching spreadsheets removes the stress of making accounting adjustments and re-apportionments offline. AccountsIQ combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet for consolidation and reporting, with auditability.
Benefit 4
Boost productivity
Keep the lid on finance headcount as you grow. With automation features, such as 1-click consolidation, your finance team can become an efficient centre of excellence that supports the whole business.
Benefit 5
Reduce errors
Integrating AccountsIQ with your front-line business systems reduces errors from re-keying data. With real-time role-based dashboards, your colleagues will come to finance for more strategic advice.

Reduce costs, cut processing time and increase confidence amongst your stakeholders

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