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Approval Workflow Software

AccountsIQ's approval workflow software is designed for accountants and their clients as well as finance teams and their colleagues. By speeding up the accounting cycle, we boost finance productivity and finance can rely on up-to-the minute insights.
AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
  • lightbulb
    Modern accounting
    By speeding up the accounting cycle, more work can be done on value add.
  • summarize
    Group reporting
    Internal teams and client lists for practices means working for a number of entities concurrently.
  • dashboard_customize
    Role-based dashboards
    Let teams see the information they need with role-based security.
  • assessment
    Integrated reports
    Getting information to users fast improves decision making.

Work with colleagues and clients to create key transactions and processes online

Working together with colleagues and clients helps achieve productivity objectives by removing paper-based systems. Working on a single cloud instance across groups of companies or clients, means frequent tasks such as payment runs, reconciliations and accepting intercompany transactions and consolidations can be completed faster more easily and securely.

Mobile PO Approval

Approve critical spend transactions online and with mobile app

Speed up approval workflow with our mobile app which includes purchase orders, invoices, expense claims and payment runs. Getting control of corporate spend means working together and you can manage spend controlled by budget holder or by supplier relationship.  Configurable rules enable precise governance policies to be deployed and mapped to the appropriate staff with role-based user profiling and access authentication. 

AP invoice approval

Sharing information is the key to effective collaboration

When you share work tasks with colleagues, the improvements quickly accrue. It is equally important to make sure you can track what is happening and so AccountsIQ approval workflow software leaves visual cues as to the status of transaction approvals with clear, colourful traffic lighting to communicate transaction progress. Similarly for senior staff, access to accurate, up-to-date insight helps inform better decision-making. By working together the work gets done quicker and the information is used to more productive ends.

  • people
    User profiling for access permission
    Users access by profile defined by role, division, team etc and give access to function, dashboards and reports.
  • alt_route
    Raise POs for approval
    Purchase orders can be routed for approval by budget holder or supplier relationship manager.
  • phone_iphone
    Mobile app
    Access PO and expense claim approvals via our free mobile app. Create and submit expense claims having captured receipts with your smartphone.
  • approval
    Approve and edit payment runs
    Use the online functions within the browser to edit and approve payment runs presented to you for approval.
  • devices
    Customer portal
    AccountsIQ offers customers the ability to view your statements online and reprint sales invoices on demand, increasing supply chain satisfaction.
  • business
    Inter-company working
    Our cloud platform allows subsidiaries, parents and sibling companies to generate, view and accept inter-company transactions easier than before without manual paperwork.
  • fact_check
    Manage approval rules
    Set approval limits for finance approvers and budget holders using the administration layer. Optionally set approvals by supplier rather than budget holder. Allow manual approver selection and tolerances for more control.
  • autorenew
    Manage Purchase-to-Pay
    AccountsIQ provides all you need to manage the entire purchase-to-pay cycle ensuring participation and collaboration from the right people in your organisation.
  • sentiment_satisfied
    Wellbeing at work
    Involving people in more productive processes in the workplace can lead to improvements in team morale and relationships across the organisation.

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