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Accounts Payable Automation Software

We've been refining our approach to accounts payable for over a decade to encourage true digital transformation within and beyond the finance team. Gain complete visibility of company spend and speed up decision making to accelerate strategic growth.
AP invoice approval
  • lightbulb
    Modern accounting
    Save time inside finance and beyond.
  • summarize
    Group reporting
    Track spending trends across your organisation or group.
  • dashboard_customize
    Role-based dashboards
    Insight into spend by supplier, department, project - on demand.
  • assessment
    Integrated reports
    Pre-built aged creditors, analyses and listings for a quick start.

Accounts payable automation transforming finance

A lot of time is wasted doing manual data entry and correcting resulting errors. AccountsIQ offers solutions to deliver automation of invoice data capture with workflow for approvals, such as our own AP Inbox paperless invoice capture service and we also integrate with a range of leading marketplace specialists.  Save time and costs by handling supplier invoices more efficiently.

The AP Inbox makes customers' life easier

“We have been using the AP Inbox feature for a few months and it has been brilliant! Less paper, less time processing and no lost invoices - I highly recommend.” 

Kirsty Howson, Assistant Bursar, Finance, Burgess Hill Girls School

AccountsIQ UI

Purchase to pay for full spend and payment visibility

Our extended purchase ledger provides for requisitions, purchase orders, deliveries and supplier invoices to be raised, captured and matched.  Ensure spend is approved by budget holders and payment batches by appropriate manager.  AccountsIQ gives complete visibility of corporate spend and with dashboards, enquiries and reports available to configure or use as standard you'll be up and running in no time.

Top 10 accounts exceeded

Multi-currency payments integrated with domestic

Paying suppliers on time and accurately ensures the best supply chain experience.  When that involves foreign currencies it's good to know you're in safe hands with AccountsIQ to ensure no delays or errors.  From our fast transaction grid navigation to our quick filters and actions you will stay on top of your payables, group-wide, like never before.

  • grid_view
    Easy to use grid layout
    Navigate around transactions and save quick filters to find information and resolve questions quickly.
  • receipt_long
    Purchase to pay
    Extended purchase ledger with quote, order, delivery and invoicing features to ensure spend kept under control.
  • receipt
    Invoice and payment approval
    Let AccountsIQ organise approval of your supplier invoices and your prepared payment batches.
  • approval
    Budget holder spend approval
    Prevent unauthorised purchase orders being raised to protect cash and budget integrity.
  • credit_card
    Batch payment runs
    Automate payment runs with auto-allocation and suggested payments to manage.
  • description
    Document management & notes
    Create context behind the raw financial transactions by using our universal document management and note taking feature on transactions and supplier/vendor records.
  • format_list_bulleted
    Custom fields for reminders and reporting
    Create context for financial transactions with universal document management and note taking on transactions and supplier/vendor records.
  • shortcut
    Quick actions
    React to enquiries fast with quick action shortcuts to initiate further processing.
  • share
    OCR connectors
    Our range of AP automation options includes the ability to connect with automated invoice data capture providers and remove keying effort.

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