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Private Equity & Venture Capital Accounting Software

Private equity accounting software must manage the fund accounting needs of a diverse portfolio. AccountsIQ accommodates start-ups, scale-ups and mature entities. With consistent reporting and continuous consolidation, both fund managers and partners can have confidence in the valuation of activities you are both monitoring.
Private equity accounting software
  • devices_other
    Modern accounting
    Simplified yet comprehensive accounting to monitor fund positions and activity.
  • group
    Group reporting
    Continuous consolidation of portfolio entities including minority interests and FX.
  • dashboard
    Role-based dashboards
    Provide stakeholders with visibility for better, more informed decision-making.
  • report
    Integrated reports
    A library of standard reports give consistent views of portfolio for comparisons.

The ideal solution for fund accounting

The continuous consolidation engine at the heart of AccountsIQ allows you to keep track of all your investee companies in near real-time. AccountsIQ is perfectly matched private equity accounting software for a portfolio of early seed and growing companies.

AccountsIQ P&L dashboard by dimension/BI code

Start your start-ups as you mean to go on

With a diverse portfolio of investee entities you might find you have to cope with multiple accounting systems designed for either startups or enterprise organisations. AccountsIQ is your single platform helping your investee companies account from start-up through scale-up to maturity. Get all your entities, including SPVs and JVs, onto the right accounting platform, right from the start.

Consistent portfolio monitoring

The AccountsIQ platform provides a common set of reports, dashboards, enquiries and OData connectors. Your portfolio can be monitored using our library of reports and dashboards. Each entity may operate unique chart of accounts but our consistent and regular summaries keep you fully in the picture.

Keep control when and where you need it

Managing a portfolio at different stages of growth can have its challenges especially when you find out after the event that monies have been spent that shouldn't have been. Our collaboration tools allow you to play an active part in the entities that need your support. Our workflow-based approvals of purchase orders, invoices, payment runs and expense claims ensure you are involved in the big decisions.

Top 5 benefits of adopting AccountsIQ to manage a growing portfolio.

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Benefit 1
Consistent reporting
Get consistent information from your portfolio with our common structures and reporting library and our continuous consolidation.
Benefit 2
Effective communication
Communicate effectively with stakeholders in each entity to keep control of activity and protect your investments.
Benefit 3
Secure and accurate
Be confident that the data is being captured securely and accurately by authorised users. Trust in data equates to confident decision making.
Benefit 4
Avoid disruptions
Protect your investments from disruption by enabling access to our most scalable cloud accounting software so they can future proof their focus on growth and achieving their objectives.
Benefit 5
Minimal costs
Keep administration costs to a minimum with AccountsIQ's SaaS subscription model. A low monthly fee secures access to the best private equity accounting software on the market. Spend your funds growing your businesses instead.

Keep control when and where you need it - see the power of AccountsIQ

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