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Financial Consolidation Software – Reports in One Click

Everyone agrees organisations should stop using spreadsheets for consolidation. But you don't need to add another tool to your existing accounting software. AccountsIQ is the combined accounting, group consolidation and business intelligence-enabled software that helps you create consolidated accounts and make informed decisions.
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    Modern accounting
    Use our advanced accounting to close fast and share financial reports quicker than ever.
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    Group reporting
    Consolidation performed within AccountsIQ gets your group reporting done quicker and with less work.
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    Role-based dashboards
    Our unique GL and BI layers combine to provide 24x7 reporting insight to your teams.
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    Integrated reports
    AccountsIQ comes with over 250 pre-built reports to get you up and running quickly.

Consolidate at speed and with confidence

Automated consolidation is the dream of group accountants frustrated by archaic and manual processes. It means you can collate, evaluate and update all subsidiary information as accurately and as quickly as possible. With AccountsIQ’s combined accounting and consolidation platform, it’s just one-click to perform your consolidation(s) as often as you need. Read our customers’ stories below to learn how much time you could save.

Consolidate all key data for better visibility

When the Group FD has to wait until all the manual, consolidation spreadsheets are reconciled, audited and pre-processed who knows how accurate and useful the aggregate data is and if it’s still relevant. With AccountsIQ, you combine your accounting and business intelligence analysis into your regular consolidation. This means you produce not just the financial records but also management’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive understanding.

Manage risk with faster consolidation

Access to accurate and up-to-date information about the financial impact of business activity can be the difference between good and bad outcomes. Do you have to wait until you have collated subsidiary data before you can form a group-wide view? By consolidating as often as you wish with AccountsIQ you will have near real-time access to inform rapid and better decision making.

Reduce costs by adopting digital transformation

Organisations without automated consolidation incur more cost. Manual capture and evaluation to combine results from multiple subsidiaries takes longer. With AccountsIQ, you can move all group accounting onto one platform. With common reporting and BI analysis structures, centrally managed FX and sophisticated inter-company transactions, you’ll perform faster and more robust consolidations at considerably lower cost and boost finance team morale.

What you need from your financial consolidation software

Top 10 benefits of automating your Group consolidation with AccountsIQ

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Reduce time
Reduce consolidation reporting time across actuals, budgets and forecasts
Automate intercompany
Automate Inter-company so it’s reconciled monthly rather than quarterly or annually
Manage complex FX and minority interests
Manage complex FX, minority interest and consolidation journals in one place
Get the reporting you need
Delight and impress your stakeholders [Board, Investors, Banks, Management, HMRC for Group VAT MTD]
Improve reporting reliability
Improve reliability, reduce the risk of reporting errors with a complete audit trail
Get multi-dimensional analysis
Multi-dimensional analysis with unified group coding [Unit, Dept, Project, etc]
Manage your group easily
Onboard new entities into the group structure with minimal effort
Reduce reliance on manual processes
Reduce reliance on key staff and spreadsheets
Boost team morale
Leverage modern technology and work practices for your team morale
Advise and support decision makers
Win credibility as a ‘key partner’ to advise and support key decision makers

"AccountsIQ’s main success for us has been the efficiency it has brought to the business. The product is a good fit for our pretty complex accounting requirements and AccountsIQ gives us real value for money. We can consolidate 80 entities in a few minutes." Lee Camp, Finance Director, Salamanca Group

Automate consolidation and get better financial insights

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Multi-Company Accounting & Consolidation Webinar

AccountsIQ is designed for multi-company accounting, consolidation and reporting. Join our  webinar on Thursday 20th Jan to learn how you could save a huge amount of time producing consolidated management reporting like Salamanca Group and Apera Asset Management.

How to solve a problem like financial consolidation

Guide: How To Solve A Problem Like Consolidation

Our guide examines the common pitfalls groups encounter with consolidation and explains potential solutions and benefits of investing in automation, and covers:

  • Multi-user editing risks and loss of control
  • Inaccurate data, partial ownership and multi-currency issues
  • Complicated inter-company balances and charges
  • Top ten benefits of automating consolidation with AccountsIQ
  • A series of relevant case studies