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Smarter accounting software delivers control for finance teams

As the financial controller, all eyes are on you to ensure day-to-day accounting tasks are managed effectively. You have a broad role with little time to plug the gaps in your current systems. AccountsIQ lets you keep control of your finance team and deliver more to the business.
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  • calculate
    Modern accounting
    Your demanding role requires support from the latest advances in accounting technology.
  • summarize
    Group reporting
    One-click to consolidate subsidiaries with rules-based engine to save hours of effort.
  • dashboard
    Role based dashboards
    Share accurate information in real-time and support the strategic direction of your organisation.
  • assessment
    Integrated reporting
    Pre-built library of 250+ proven reports designed to give you a head start.
Grown up cloud accounting

Look forward to stress-free month-ends and lead a more engaged finance team

Your role is pivotal to ensuring the financial success of your organisation. You're at the heart of the action when it comes to delivering reports, information and advice to the rest of the business. Ease your burden and that of your team with AccountsIQ's modern automated cloud accounting software that keeps you in control and your career moving forward.

Performance reporting

Achieve more with your precious resources by letting software take the strain and enable growth

You're often tasked to achieve more without a corresponding increase in resources, particularly during growth spurts. AccountsIQ's new technology frees you and your team to collaborate as internal strategic advisers discussing your evaluation of real-time management information. Growth doesn't have to involve pain for finance. AccountsIQ lets you grow your system alongside your business, without compromise.

Reduce the interruptions from colleagues as you share information in real-time

A busy finance team is often occupied in handling queries from across the business after the management report packs have been delivered. AccountsIQ lets you share detailed information so colleagues can self-serve queries. You'll save time on the tasks that currently require manual intervention by using AccountsIQ's process automation features. Increased accuracy of data capture leads to less queries which frees your team further. Introduce AccountsIQ for more time to scale up and drive growth without adding to your headcount.

Lead your organisation's digital transformation with the low-risk automation alternative to spreadsheets

So much of your work is spent on filling the gaps left by your organisation's growth and the lack of features in your accounting software. You and your team are left producing spreadsheets to aggregate data or perform complex month-end journals. All these interventions take time and heighten the risk of errors finding their way into key management reports. AccountsIQ lets you ditch the spreadsheets and simplifies the complex handling of your accounting as you grow.

Giving your company the edge

7 steps to transform your finance function and team

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Step 1
Choose AccountsIQ
Choose AccountsIQ, to be your cloud accounting software to increase automation, reduce infrastructure costs and embrace future-proof, digital-ready, technology.
Step 2
Implement AccountsIQ core financials for faster month-ends and integrated payment processing. Spend less time achieving better quality reporting and enjoy better work-life balance.
Step 3
OCR & approval workflow
Implement OCR & approval workflow particularly in Accounts Payable but also in pre-spend approvals. The paperless office saves everyone time and engages wider groups of colleagues in the financial health of your organisation.
Step 4
Online fixed asset register
Adopt fully integrated, online fixed asset register. Ditch the spreadsheet logs and maintain your full register online storing warranty, maintenance and location tracking data. Automate depreciation and use reporting and dashboards to forecast replacement dates and costs.
Step 5
Simplify expense management
Engage all colleagues with an online and mobile employee expense management feature including mobile app receipt capture and claim approval. Manage all key policies and rates to simplify the process of staff reimbursement.
Step 6
Consolidate effectively
Growth brings multiple entities and the need to aggregate for combined financial statements. AccountsIQ manages consolidation online from all subsidiaries with one-click, whether a large or small group. Centrally manage GL and BI structure and consolidate as often as required to produce real-time management information in dashboards and reports.
Step 7
Integrate with as many business systems as necessary to exchange critical data safely, in real-time and reduce errors. Speed up reporting cycles and free up resources by using our modern, open API to connect.

Keep control of your finance team and deliver more to the business

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