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Fixed Asset Register Software

Digitally transform your organisation's accounting processes by replacing your fixed asset spreadsheets with the AccountsIQ cloud Fixed Asset Register. Record, manage and report on your company and group fixed assets in a time-efficient and orderly way.
Streamline accounting
  • calculate
    Modern accounting
    Automate calculation of depreciation and processing of disposals and extensions.
  • summarize
    Group reporting
    Track capital investments and current net book value through P&L and Balance Sheet.
  • dashboard
    Role-based dashboards
    Monitor and evaluate asset positions by class and status.
  • summarize
    Integrated reports
    Export filtered details to Excel for detailed reports.

Replace spreadsheets for our fixed asset register software

Our modern accounting approach encourages the end of reliance on spreadsheets to maintain and calculate key accounting transactions and processes. Spreadsheets, whilst flexible, are prone to fundamental errors, are difficult to audit and being file-based can be cumbersome. With our cloud-based online fixed asset register software you gain visibility and speed up your periodic reporting cycles.

Keep tight control of fixed asset accounting

Embrace the tight control of having AccountsIQ's integrated fixed asset register. One database to store all your company and group assets. Embed related documents against each asset for fast and easy retrieval. Fixed asset management software like AccountsIQ enables you to keep track of all your asset key details by location and BI code. We extend our "get you onboarded quickly" mantra by enabling first-time import of Fixed Assets from Excel.

Track your assets right across your organisation

Maintain detailed, location, owner and serial number information for each asset so you can find your assets when it comes time to dispose of them or have components maintained. Our hierarchical parent/child structure allows for component accounting and key dates can be monitored for insurance and maintenance renewals, warranty expiry and lease end dates. Managing your fixed assets online with AccountsIQ saves you time managing your fixed assets without you losing control or visibility.

  • insights
    Asset tracking
    Monitor all your fixed assets by owner, serial number and location.
  • calculate
    Automatic depreciation
    Choose from Straight Line or Reducing Balance depreciation methods and never get the calculations wrong again.
  • account_tree
    Asset classes
    Create your own asset classes and control depreciation method and posting accounts.
  • receipt
    Easy disposal
    Simple disposal or asset sale with automatic generation of gain/loss and cash receipt for value of sale.
  • account_tree
    Use asset hierarchy to manage additions/replacements or extensions of assets.
  • euro
    Account in base currency
    Fixed Asset Register accounting is transacted in the entity base currency within AccountsIQ but currency translations will take place when Balance Sheets are consolidated.
  • dashboard
    Asset dashboard
    Track status of all your fixed assets including total capital and total depreciation to date. Charts allow monitoring of net book value by asset class for real insights.
  • event
    Calendar alerts
    Schedule reminder dates to identify when insurance and maintenance agreements will renew. Track warranty expiry dates and be ahead of leases coming to the end of term.
  • file_upload
    Export to Excel, PDF, image
    Ditch Excel as your database but embrace it as a powerful reporting and analysis tool alongside exports to PDF and images from the Asset dashboard.

Integrated accounting software that simplifies growth for ambitious leaders

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