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Smarter accounting software delivers the big picture to the C-Suite

Keep your eye on the big picture with smarter accounting software, designed for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other senior managers. Deliver the executive view of performance and drive efficiencies, accuracy and increased confidence in your data-driven decisions.
  • lightbulb
    Modern accounting
    Give your finance teams the tools to serve you information faster and more accurately.
  • summarize
    Group reporting
    Continuous consolidation of all group activities for real-time oversight.
  • dashboards
    Role-based dashboards
    Help yourself to information on demand designed to answer your questions.
  • assessment
    Integrated reporting
    Lean on our pre-built library of over 250 reports proven across industry.
Tech and fintech accounting

Tired of waiting for critical information? Wait no more and join the cloud accounting transformation

One key frustration for senior managers is the monthly wait to receive reports and performance metrics from finance. As organisations grow the need for faster delivery increases just as more complexity naturally slows finance down. AccountsIQ is designed to let finance be more efficient and gather accurate information from around your group with just a few clicks.

Performance reporting

Too cautious and hanging back for data to be reviewed? Unleash confident decision-making

Decision making has to be carried out at the right time with the right data providing the evidence that drives your evaluations. AccountsIQ makes sure your transactions are captured and coded in the manner most appropriate to your organisation. Our extensive range of integrations will connect your critical business systems in real-time to the finance reporting structures you've agreed during strategic planning.

Growth should not be a burden. Stay awake at night for the right reasons

As your organisation grows, the sweetness of that success can be tempered by increasing worries about the quality of the information you are presented with. How much has been filtered through spreadsheets and other systems with the real meaning lost and obscured? AccountsIQ's online consolidation platform brings all your corporate entities together on one system using common structures and reporting formats. One click for your finance team and you're on your way to a better night's sleep.

46. KPIs from mgmt. reporting pack

Command your strategic vision with real-time intelligence about your organisation's performance

Finance drives everything. It pumps activity around your organisation. A financial reporting platform that covers everything from bookkeeping to cashflow, revenue forecasts to spend horizons are all critical. AccountsIQ blends financial, operational and strategic analysis into one product. We help you keep control of income and expenditure and help you monitor key performance metrics in real-time for the whole organisation.

Giving your company the edge

Top 5 benefits of adopting AccountsIQ to the CFO and C-Suite

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Benefit 1
Operational efficiency
Achieve increased operational efficiency in your finance team processing and reporting to get you the information you need on a more timely basis.
Benefit 2
Get more of the information you receive accurately, first time, every time and on time. By linking systems together and automating more of the routine tasks less errors will creep in to your reports.
Benefit 3
Increased confidence
Increased confidence in the true health of your organisation as a common architecture and system design is deployed right across your operational locations and entities.
Benefit 4
Growth will be handled by letting your AccountsIQ system adapt as more subsidiaries come on stream operating across the globe in multiple currencies, without fuss and without costly re-engineering every time you make a new strategic choice.
Benefit 5
Sophistication and flexibility
Get all these benefits for a low monthly fee and enjoy the sophistication, flexibility and peace of mind that AccountsIQ provides. Your system will sustain you through years of growth and change without costly re-implementation fees or disruption.

Unleash confident decision-making and drive efficiencies in your organisation with AccountsIQ.

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