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Our Award-Winning Alternative to Sage 50

When you selected Sage it was the right choice for you. Now you’ve grown, your business has changed and your requirements have evolved. You’ve outgrown Sage because you need better visibility of your entire business, have substantially larger transaction volumes and therefore more demanding expectations of your software. Upgrade from Sage to AccountsIQ to maintain your momentum.
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    Unrestricted growth with smarter software
    Smarter accounting software not starter accounting software.
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    Group reporting
    Multi-company from the ground up with one-click for consolidated reports.
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    Role-based dashboards
    Use the comprehensive coding structures to share visibility and insight around your business.
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    Integrated reports
    Over 250 reports in our library including management accounts packs.
Cloud accounting software

Unrestricted growth with smarter accounting software

All cloud accounting software is not the same. Starter products, such as Sage, control costs by limiting the amount of data storage and processing power. This is perfect when you're starting out, watching every penny and need to cover the basics. As you become more successful, you need more support from your cloud accounting software. This is where AccountsIQ steps in. We offer you unrestricted data storage and a wider range of processing features. There are no fair usage restrictions in our cloud accounting software.

General Ledger dashboard

Flexible General Ledger that flexes with you

Your accounting software must reflect your growing business and not limit your options. For example, when you need a ledger system that supports new subsidiaries or acquisitions. New reporting demands may require you to amend your chart of accounts, re-design your summary categories and introduce more analysis dimensions. AccountsIQ offers a user-defined and amendable 3-level GL structure plus six (not two) extended analysis dimensions to give you a holistic view of the performance of your newly shaped business.

Breeze through your multi-entity accounting and consolidation

Many cloud accounting software offerings are geared to single entity organisations.  AccountsIQ has been designed from the outset to handle multiple entities as smoothly as possible. When you scale-up domestically and grow internationally, your need to account for additional entities can quickly get out of hand. With Sage you need multiple add-ons or complex extracts to Excel or Google Sheets. AccountsIQ lets you consolidate and perform inter-company recharging online including full GL, sales, purchase and analyses. Throw in, multi-currency and coding structures, managed at group level, and these new headaches disappear with AccountsIQ.

Automated accounting

Keep periods open for as long as you need

During periods of rapid growth and upheaval, you'll find the ability to adjust historical records incredibly helpful. With simpler systems there are limited ways to lock out users from certain periods or re-open earlier periods. With smarter systems like AccountsIQ, this is simple. It's a transaction-based system with full period management that includes FX revaluation for both month and year end. Significantly AccountsIQ lets you keep periods and years critical to a prior year open and still allow your finance function to move forward to your new reporting year.

Top 5 benefits of switching to AccountsIQ from Sage

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Flexible GL
Flexible General Ledger
A more flexible General (or Nominal) Ledger freed from restrictions and limitations. Make chart of accounts and coding amendments to keep aligned with your evolving business structure.
Easy group accounting
Simplified multi-company accounting
Manage multiple companies and consolidations online including inter-company re-charging. Centralise your management of currency rates and coding structures.
Flexible accounting
Open period accounting
Open period accounting allows you to keep prior year periods open to make amendments and still retain your new period reporting.
Broader functionality
Increased functionality
Reduce the number of add-ons you'll need as AccountsIQ comes loaded with more functionality compared with starter cloud accounting packages.
Scalable with your growth
Supported growth
Sustain your growth plans fully supported by AccountsIQ without compromise or cumbersome workarounds.

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