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Franchise accounting software

Franchises often experience the same challenges of start-ups but multiplied for every new outlet signed-up. As a result, you need franchise accounting software that satisfies both a small business start-up, that is scalable for rapidly growing enterprises seeking control and visibility. AccountsIQ is the affordable, streamlined answer to your unique situation.
Franchise accounting software
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    Modern accounting
    Deploy customised franchise templates and start monitoring sales volume and productivity within hours.
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    Group reporting
    Produce streamlined, aggregate reports from live data to keep a close eye on cash flow and sales benchmarks.
  • dashboard
    Role-based dashboards
    Closely monitor performance by franchise, product or service line and make better decisions.
  • report
    Integrated reports
    Create consolidated reports from live information without the need to export data.
Franchise cloud accounting software

The best software for franchise accounting

AccountsIQ's core consolidation engine ensures that all franchisee data can be presented in aggregate reports to help the franchisor gain a complete overview of comparative operations. Support your franchisees with insights that inform better decision-making to benefit the whole franchise. 

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Create one accounting infrastructure for your entire franchise

With a growing number of franchisee entities you might find your critical data buried in multiple accounting systems spread around the designed for either startups or enterprise organisations. AccountsIQ is your single platform helping your franchisee partners with accounting templates to guide them from start-up through scale-up to maturity. Get all your entities and their data onto one, common accounting platform ... right from the start.

Drive franchise efficiency, productivity and profitability

There are so many challenges facing franchisors that sometimes keeping tabs on multiple franchisees can seem daunting. Ensuring consistency and helping outlets manage cashflow whilst planning for new outlets to fuel growth. Gather real-time data to fuel timely decision-making.  AccountsIQ  provides all the reports and analysis you will need to prime and sustain growth. 

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Gain control and minimise revenue leakage

A franchise relationship is a partnership and your agreements will be constructed to ensure all parties meet their obligations to ensure mutual success. A solid accounting foundation, including reporting obligations, will help to ensure that franchisees maintain diligent records and report accurately to maximise revenue for the franchisor. Using AccountsIQ as a white-label accounting platform or to upload data in prescribed formats will all help to ensure that all parties are providing accurate and timely information.

Top 5 benefits of adopting AccountsIQ to sustain a growing franchise operation

Consistent information
Get consistent information from your franchisees
Get consistent information from your franchisees with our common structures and reporting library and continuous consolidation. Ensures that accounting records are consistent when monitoring standards across the franchise eco-system.
Keep control
Collaborate effectively with owners in each franchisee
Collaborate effectively with owners in each franchisee to keep control of activity and prevent revenue leakage. Shared data access provides common understanding of financial positions, which, in relation to franchise agreement obligations, can drive mutual revenue growth.
Real-time data
Real-time data integration with EPOS platforms
Real-time data integration with EPOS platforms delivers real-time results into AccountsIQ via the open API, assuring trust in data and the partnership.
Quick onboarding
Allow rapid onboarding of new franchisees
Allow rapid onboarding of new franchisees to our scalable, 24x7, cloud accounting software so they can focus on growth and achieving their business plan objectives.
Low monthly fees
Keep operating costs to a minimum
Franchisee startups need to keep operating costs to a minimum, and with AccountsIQ's SaaS subscription model, low monthly fees mean the franchise can spend their funds growing your business together.
Camile Thai_franchise accounting software

Case study: Camile Thai

Irish Franchise of the Year 2022 winners, Camile Thai, find opening new restaurants a breeze with AccountsIQ’s franchise accounting software. Learn more about how they benefit from multi-dimensional reporting and full financial visibility of the entire business.

Case study: Insomnia Coffee Company

Insomnia are benefitting from the strong foundation provided by AccountsIQ for their fast-growing, multi-location business.  Our affordable cloud accounting platform delivers sales and profitablity reporting without the need to export to spreadsheets.

Drive franchise efficiency, productivity and profitability with AccountsIQ

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