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Automated Accounting Software

The revolution in accounting is well underway and AccountsIQ is a pioneer in the field of accounting automation. Our focus is firmly on improving and speeding up core transactional tasks and processes. For more accurate records, faster turnaround and increased security get in touch. We'll talk you through the changes we can bring to your accounting and finance teams.
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    Modern accounting
    Automate your tedious and mundane tasks and deliver speed and accuracy minus the frustration.
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    Group reporting
    Consolidate your entities with one-click as frequently as required. Enjoy real-time continuous consolidation.
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    Role-based dashboards
    Automate visualisations in real-time to provide insight faster than ever.
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    Integrated reports
    Our reports, enquiries and dashboards come pre-built for speed and efficiency.
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Let AccountsIQ take the strain off your teams

Minimise paperwork and manual approvals. Save time and do more with the automation of data capture. Connect your key business systems, such as CRM, to each entity in AccountsIQ. Automate all your repetitive month-end tasks and reminders and spend your time performing analysis. AccountsIQ has done all the design for you - simply capture your transactions, enable your processes and run your reports.

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Encourage employee wellbeing and retain staff.
Automation to empower your staff
Staff turnover in traditional bookkeeping and administration roles remains high because the work is often not rewarding. Encourage your teams to spend more time managing the system, performing contextual analysis, using their judgment and less time on frustrating and repetitive tasks that can be automated. Engaging with colleagues and clients to discuss issues increases the feeling of adding value and self-worth.
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Drive cost reduction without compromise.
Improve your growth without increasing your costs
You will still need people to "drive" our cloud accounting software, but now you can pay them to analyse data and discuss issues with teams across your business rather than to organise accounting records. All our customers save time which means the money they spent on accounting staff truly can produce a return from strategic activities. Accounting automation helps you process the accounts for more entities, or clients if you're a practice, so you can grow without increasing your accounting cost base.
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Share more accurate records faster.
Increase accuracy whilst improving speed
Minimise the time spent on trouble-shooting and get accurate data first time round. Automated accounting solutions follow rules-based instructions, step-by-step and don't transpose figures as there is no re-keying. Real-time and accurate records are critical to faster and better informed decision making. Close your month-end faster, especially in group scenarios, with greater confidence.
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Learn how you can save time and improve productivity with automation

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