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Our technology

What technology is AccountsIQ built on?

AccountsIQ has been architected from day one to be a true cloud application, running on a hosted platform serving multiple organisations.

Key features include:

  • You don’t need to install anything: it’s a zero-footprint application, so you only need a standard Internet browser to access it.
  • It’s scalable: we have built the product from the ground up on a Microsoft stack (.Net & SQL Server). It runs on a scalable, multi-tier architecture with independent layers for database, application, presentation and reporting services.
  • It handles high load: we have designed the transaction-level architecture to handle high transaction volumes and deliver fast response times to users, even under high load.
  • It’s easy to use: it uses a rich multi-windowed and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI). A combination of top-level menus and tabbed menu shortcuts make it easy to access functions and reports.
  • It has an in-built data warehouse: this is used to store summary report data at either a single entity or consolidation level. This delivers superior report performance and drill down capability. Reporting data is also exposed securely to external applications via the API, Excel-Add-in and OData endpoint.
  • It supports open connectivity: the API uses Webservices (SOAP & REST) technology and standards. These support open connectivity to other existing systems, such as Payroll or EPOS systems and the ability to look up or synchronise account details, or to post transactions via unique tokens for authentication.
  • The hosted hardware infrastructure is scalable: using load balanced VMs for application layer and an active/passive node SQL database cluster.

How secure is AccountsIQ?

We partner with NTT for our hosting. This is delivered on a world-class Microsoft Azure platform, with relevant certifications for ISO27001, SOC 1 & 2. Customers have the choice of being hosted in the UK, EU & US Azure regions, depending on their data residency requirements.

The AccountsIQ product and hosting platform have been independently penetration tested by PwC for cybersecurity. They have also passed regular security process due diligences by external security experts. Authentication to the system requires strong passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication is available.

Client data is held in separate SQL databases, with no sharing of client data within the same database. This provides complete logical separation of client data.
We have designed the platform to be fault tolerant, with load balanced hardware to deliver the maximum uptime possible.

All data and servers are backed up offsite nightly, to different Microsoft Azure regions, for disaster recovery purposes.

All source code is held in escrow independently with NCC UK.