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General Ledger Accounting Software

AccountsIQ general ledger accounting software provides a holistic view of all your entities. Uniquely, we combine a flexible GL structure with custom BI dimensions. Tag financial transactions and deliver BI analysis from your financial data.
General Ledger dashboard
  • lightbulb
    Modern accounting
    Customise analysis and automate transaction capture for power and accessibility.
  • summarize
    Group reporting
    Rapidly add new entities to your group for one-click consolidation.
  • dashboard_customize
    Role-based dashboards
    Slice and dice your data via GL and BI coding across all your entities.
  • assessment
    Integrated reports
    Audit trails and full listings with monthly management report packs.
Analysis structure mapping

General Ledger structure combined with BI dimensions for unrivalled insights

AccountsIQ is a modern accounting solution, in one product, to combine a 3-level General Ledger structure with up to 6 dimensions of BI tagging to elevate your financial transactions to an on-demand financial business intelligence software saving time and improving accuracy. 

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Month-end modernisation with automation of usual journals

Reduce your month-end reporting cycles with our centralised journal manager to gather all the month-end processes to create efficiencies and improve accuracy. Our combined accounting, consolidation and business intelligence platform is powered by the speedy conclusion of month-end tasks to accelerate close and deliver reporting to inform strategic decision making.

Customise management reporting packs for rapid deployment

Combined with our unique coding structure, our pre-built dashboards and reports are ready to deploy quickly for a rapid switchover to AccountsIQ. Our reports including pre-built management reporting packs, come with a range of quick, configurable filters to produce professional reports at your preferred level of detail. KPIs, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, comparison charts, Aged Debtors and Aged Creditors are all ready-to-go.

  • explore
    GL Explorer
    Enquire at GL summary and detail level by period/year and by any BI dimension or combination.
  • search
    Transaction Browser
    Search and view all transactions and create filters for easy repeat of criteria. Share invoices by email, export to Excel or make edits and adjustments.
  • account_tree
    Unique coding structure
    3 level GL (category, sub-category for summary and account for detail). Optional alternative GL Group. Plus up to 6-dimension BI codes.
  • fact_check
    Full audit trail
    Audit at transaction level with change log to retain integrity in data.
  • list_alt
    Journal manager
    Management of all journals including reversing accruals and forward posting prepayments in one place for efficiency and accuracy.
  • speed
    Extensive defaulting
    Set defaults at account level (GL, customer, supplier) to reduce errors and speed up data capture time.
  • edit
    Transaction line edits
    Innovative feature to allow non-audit values to be edited to save unnecessary journal corrections. Full change log maintained with status flags for transparency.
  • summarize
    Suitable for groups and multi-entity organisations, the GL structure can be centrally managed. Create templates for new entities and consolidate with one click.
  • euro
    Currency revaluation
    Manage all your currency transactions and roll-up realised/unrealised calculations at each consolidation level.

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