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Renewable Energy Accounting Software

You're going to need a bigger accounting package! This is the cry often heard in response to the many challenges facing accountants working in renewable energy. Keeping control of multiple entities of different types at different stages whilst ensuring the correct ownership rules are applied usually has you running for your spreadsheets to plug gaps in your existing software. AccountsIQ is the one system you need to confidently manage the capture, process and reporting of all your financial transactions.
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    Modern accounting
    Software designed for your environment. Control dispersed operations and entities with ease.
  • group
    Group reporting
    You've built a complex intercompany structure and AccountsIQ is ready to simplify your consolidation tasks.
  • dashboard
    Role-based dashboards
    AccountsIQ's real-time information is the renewable power source behind good business decisions.
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    Integrated reports
    For all your entities, at every stage, we've pre-built our report library so you don't have to.

Simplify consolidation & inter-company reporting

When you're battling complex entity structures for construction financing, partnership flips and the needs of tax equity investors you don't need to make the accounting any more difficult. AccountsIQ has a unique approach to multi-entity consolidation with simple, one-click consolidations with rules-based configurations that accommodate all your needs from transaction capture to consolidated reporting.

Account for projects at every stage of their lifecycle

AccountsIQ helps accountants in renewable energy firms by allowing each entity to be treated as a project and handled differently according to its stage. From site identification, planning applications, construction and ongoing maintenance you've got the accounting tools at your finger tips to be confident you are tracking all the construction and then operational costs and reporting back to your capital stack efficiently.

Sweat your assets and not your accounting teams

The power to account for multiple entities with detailed control over extended analysis and subsequent stakeholder reporting marks AccountsIQ as the leading provider of cloud accounting software for the demanding renewable energy sector. AccountsIQ takes care of all your accounting in the cloud enabling central control and monitoring. AccountsIQ reduces your costs by replacing traditional and potentially unconnected on-premise systems.

Manage a dispersed operation

It's unusual for renewable energy groups to deploy accountants to every solar or wind farm due to the remoteness and cost implications. That's why AccountsIQ is available online with sophisticated multli-company functionality that understands different entity structures and recognises the role of SPVs/SPEs in your portfolio. Our pioneering cloud accounting software has functionality suited for medium-sized operations and allows you to grow from project inception right through to sale or operations on one platform.

Top 5 benefits of adopting AccountsIQ to manage your renewable energy business

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software
Benefit 1
Scalable platform
Invest in a scalable platform for growth that will grow with you, at your pace. Minimise disruption as your requirements evolve.
Benefit 2
Open API
Enjoy alignment with all operational systems by connecting, via our open API, to lines of business systems to increase wider operational efficiencies and save time in finance and reduce costly re-keying errors.
Benefit 3
Make compliance easy, whether submissions to statutory bodies or to your partners and investors. Know that your records are maintained in real-time to meet your corporate obligations.
Benefit 4
Adapt easily
Easily add and change users as your portfolio evolves and update your rules-based processes on demand adapting to the changing market around you.
Benefit 5
Powerful multi-entity accounting
AccountsIQ is renowned for our multi-entity accounting capabilities. Our experience shows as renewable energy companies flock to our platform to escape the compromises of traditional, rigid systems that don't provide the efficiencies you seek.

Simplify consolidation & inter-company reporting with AccountsIQ

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