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Multi-Company SPV Accounting & Consolidation Webinar

event_available Thursday, 19th May 2022 schedule 11:00AM timer 30 minutes
cloud accounting software displayed on laptop

AccountsIQ is designed for multi-entity accounting and offers multi-currency consolidation out of the box. Join our webinar to learn how you could save a huge amount of time producing consolidated management reporting like Apera Asset ManagementChopstix and Integra.

This Webinar covers:

  • Problems with consolidating group accounts
  • The software marketplace plus,
  • How AccountsIQ makes multi-company accounting so easy (demo)
  • Automated consolidation
  • Intercompany recharges
  • Minority interests
  • Multicurrency consolidation
  • Consolidated reporting
Meet the speakers
Andrew Faulkner
Business Development Manager

Andrew has extensive experience in sales, customer relationship management and accounting and was previously an implementation consultant helping to onboard new clients onto AccountsIQ.



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