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API Documentation

AccountsIQ exposes web services for a greater flexibility of interaction with third-party systems. These web services currently cover the main data entities of the system and will be extended over time to cover all data entities.

Integrator Partners

Please read and acknowledge by email to the Terms of use before using the provided API.

The integrator partner key is a sensitive piece of information and must be treated as such. The integrator is responsible for the use of his key. Ensure it is kept secure and not accessible via reverse engineering or any other method at any time.


The authentication relies on several parts:

  1. An existing Entity in the AccountsIQ system
  2. An existing user in the AccountsIQ system
  3. A third-party authentication key (please contact AccountsIQ for more information)
  4. A user authentication key which is specific to each user and can be obtained via the company information screen by the user himself.

Use the Login function to authenticate a user. The Entity identifier, Provider authentication key and the authentication key must be provided to this function. If the authentication is granted, a session token is returned. This session token is valid for 20 minutes and will be requested by every function belonging to the API of this web service.

Common Login Issues


The authorisation is the authorisation in place in the AccountsIQ system: the user only has the rights to perform operations he/she can perform from the front-end.

Life cycle

The AccountsIQ system evolves constantly and so does its exposed web services interface. To avoid incompatibilities with our integrator partner applications, we provide a list of versioned web services. When an update is made to the AccountsIQ system that mandates a change in the API, we provide a new web service with the next version number while keeping the previous API of the previous web service in a working state. The previous web service version is maintained for a duration of 3 months.

When a new version of the web services is made available, a mail is sent to all integrator partners requiring them to update their application within 3 months. After three months, the previous web services version is retired.

A staging environment is available for integration testing, update and development. Please ask for a demonstration database or a copy of one of your live database with an integration account for testing.


For clarification on any aspect of this API, please send an email to