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AccountsIQ in the news: How to track your revenue and spend

Jeni Peacock
Published by Jeni Peacock on 5th September 2022
financial management system

Company finances are coming under ever greater scrutiny. That’s why our Head of Onboarding, Sinéad Brennan, and Business Development Manager, Andrew Faulkner, were delighted to share with the Charity Finance Group's readers their experience of using AccountsIQ’s BI codes and multi-dimensional financial reporting software to manage complex accounting and granular reporting needs. As AccountsIQ customer Tracey Marsh, Finance Director with Welsh Council for Voluntary Associations (WCVA) explains:

“One of our dimensions is used to distinguish between restricted and unrestricted funds. Then we have lots of projects to which we allocate salaries and other costs; that’s another list of dimensions. We’ve also created other dimensions so we can deliver detailed reports to our trustees that show exactly what each project is contributing to the organisation.

Once we've closed the accounts, I can just run this multiple KPI report for the trustees. I used to have to do that manually and now AccountsIQ pretty much does it all for me, it’s brilliant.”

Read the full article and join our webinar

You can read more tips and advice from Sinéad and Andrew in the full article on the Charity Finance Group’s Knowledge Hub.

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In just 30 minutes we'll cover:

  • What does a strong Chart of Accounts (CoA) look like?
  • Key indicators your CoA needs re-thinking
  • Must do's when redesigning your CoA to support your growing business
  • Key AccountsIQ features that help maintain and assist with your Chart of Accounts and Coding Structures (GL Sync, Intercompany Elimination and Group BI Structure)
  • How to unleash reporting capabilities with a healthy CoA.
Register for our ‘How healthy is your Chart of Accounts?’ webinar.

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