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A brand new era for AccountsIQ

Jeni Peacock
Published by Jeni Peacock on 20th July 2021
Cloud accounting software
AccountsIQ’s Head of Marketing, Jeni Peacock, explains why this is the right time to refresh our brand to focus on growth.

Jeni has led AccountsIQ’s marketing team for the last four and a half years. She’s passionate about helping our customers make the most of digital technology to grow and be successful. Here, she explains why we decided 2021 was the right time to refresh the AccountsIQ brand.

Can you tell us a bit about the AccountsIQ journey so far?

AccountsIQ are cloud accounting pioneers. Our founder, Tony Connolly, originally conceived the idea in 2004, when he saw the business benefits cloud computing would deliver. His vision was to create Cloud Financial Management Software (FMS) to help company directors transform the way they run and grow their business.

We launched the AIQ product in 2008, after the equivalent of 40 developer years. It was designed by accountants for accountants to streamline and automate the capture, processing and reporting of financial performance across multiple entities, locations and currencies. It’s now used by around 4,000 companies and their subsidiaries in over 85 countries worldwide.


How would you describe the brand – what does AccountsIQ stand for?

We’ve always been driven by a desire to help finance leaders become more effective and find better ways to do business. Successful businesses are those who can make good decisions quickly. To do that, they need a complete, real-time picture of their financial position.

That’s where we come in. We believe finance teams are more effective when they’re able to spend the majority of their time analysing data rather than collating it. We help finance teams get ahead with the automation of outdated manual processes.

“We’re here to help finance teams get ahead.”

Our success is down to this deep understanding of the needs and pain-points of finance leaders. But we’re also a business that’s excited by technology and how it can help companies grow. We give business leaders a powerful advantage with real-time data and business intelligence.

Like our customers, we don’t stand still. We’re constantly striving, innovating and collaborating with our customers to improve our product and the way we work. In summary, we’re here to help finance teams get ahead.

Why is this the right time to refresh the AccountsIQ brand?

Our core beliefs – in innovation and customer success – have served us well. We’ve built software we’re proud of and we’re ambitious for our customers and want to see them grow. That will never change.

We also want to see our own business grow and we believe we can do a lot more to help our customers work smarter. In February 2021, we raised €5.8 million in a new funding round led by Finch Capital, a Dutch-headquartered venture capital firm and Enterprise Ireland partner. This will fuel our ambition and accelerate our growth. As our CEO Tony explains:

“We were achieving steady growth with relatively little outside investment over the last few years but the combination of Brexit and Covid is leading businesses to reconsider their regional presence. This opens up huge opportunities for a cloud-based accounting product such as ours. The timing is there now for a real ramp-up. There is a demand from companies on legacy software to upgrade to a platform that allows them to work better with a more diversified workforce and business.”

Tony Connolly, Founder & CEO, AccountsIQ

We’re a company that moves fast. We’re confident trying new things, evaluating our progress and adapting to an ever-changing world.

“We’re building an accounting software brand that is the embodiment of this simplicity and ease.”

Simplicity is a fundamental benchmark for everything we do. We strive to make life simple for our customers and enable business leaders to make more informed decisions. We’re building an accounting software brand that is the embodiment of this simplicity and ease.

We needed our new brand to reflect this ambition – and to capture the essence of what’s special and different about AccountsIQ. We’ve always been about helping companies grow and simplifying growth. Our new, modern, clean and simple brand is designed to make that clear to our customers and to our own team.

What will the new brand mean for our customers?

Our new website, logo and colours are the biggest visual changes that customers will see immediately.


But this rebrand represents much more than a new look. We’re focussed on improving every aspect of our marketing, customer experience and support. For example, you can navigate our new website by user, such as practice accountant, financial controller or CFO. This simplifies the user journey and makes it more relevant to customers. 

This customer-focussed approach reflects the role-based pathways of our new eLearning platform, AIQ Academy

“Our mission is to deliver future-proofed accounting software that will help business leaders to transform their finance function and grow their business.”

Our customers are entrepreneurial and ambitious. They’re running multiple, geographically dispersed entities and they have strong growth aspirations. Our mission is to deliver future-proofed accounting software that will help them to transform their finance function and grow their business.

Smarter together is our mantra: we move together as a team, quickly. Partnerships and collaborations sit at the heart of our product development roadmap. We celebrate customer successes because our customers are with us on the journey and part of the team.

This is just the beginning for our new brand. We’re excited to have it to guide us as we develop new functionality, solve business problems and open up new opportunities. To our customers who embrace our product and bring the AccountsIQ ethos to life: thank you for being part of our journey, and for letting us be a part of yours.

We hope you’re as excited by the future as we are. We’d love to hear your feedback and we look forward to collaborating and learning with you as we move forward, together.

Learn more about AccountsIQ’s award-winning cloud-based accounting software.


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