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Like almost all businesses, you will be producing some form of budget/target forecasting and then looking to compare these to the actual outcomes. These tasks can be difficult and time consuming, often involving extracting information into Excel then maintaining this data and updating it to get the comparisons you need.

ProForecast is integrated with AccountsIQ, allowing you to bring in data from AccountsIQ, set your budgets/targets, then refresh this data with actuals as often as you want, giving you the ability to see where there are variations and examine the reason for under/over performance through a series of customisable dashboard charts and reports.

It’s also a perfect solution for those “What if” scenarios any business needs to run when it’s looking at the impact of business changes such as expansion, contraction, price increases, cost increases, new products/services, new markets etc.

ProForecast offers a Business Intelligence and Analysis layer to provide charting and reporting for your forecast and your historic data giving you insights into both what’s happening and what’s happened.

As it’s a full cloud and browser-based solution there’s no installation required, and subscription pricing means no major capital software investment requirements to enjoy the benefits of this ideal budget/forecasting solution.

If you’d like a demonstration of what ProForecast can do for you, please get in touch with our software Integrations expert.

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