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AccountsIQ has partnered with Compleat Software to offer its e-Invoicing solution, known as iCompleat to its customers. This invoice capture and approval solution has a fully integrated, two-way integration between AccountsIQ and iCompleat. iCompleat is a fast alternative to traditional scanning and OCR solutions. The solution gives users a full end-to-end accounts payable solution that saves time and money for businesses.

Faster Automated Data Entry

iCompleat's invoice solution allows users to remove the tedious manual data entry in their accounts payable process and gain full visibility over the status of all invoices, all in one single solution. A particular benefit is the ability to have multiple levels of approval and the ability to code to line level on invoices and send off for approval at line level. It is also user-friendly with an intuitive interface.

How will clients benefit?
The iCompleat accounting software integration can help increase productivity by up to 90% due to the greater insight the solution provides and the cost-savings achieved by digitising invoices:

  • Fast, accurate invoice capture and approvals in a single platform
  • Multiple levels of approval
  • Advanced approval workflows
  • Automated invoice data capture
  • Real time cash requirements reporting
  • Automated document splitting

The iCompleat invoice solution also helps protect against fraud and duplicated payments.

"With the iCompleat integration approved invoices get pushed straight through to AccountsIQ with the PDF attached. It’s incredibly useful being able to go into your accounting system and pull up an invoice whenever you need to, say when you’re doing an audit, or for month end processes when you want to review an invoice. The iCompleat integration adds extra control to the business and a clear audit trail. There’s now a lot more eyes on the process. And no surprises at month end.”

Joanna McGovern, FD, Chopstix.

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