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Stripe Payments

Stripe is used by businesses of all sizes from startups to public companies like Facebook and Salesforce to accept online payments and run technically sophisticated financial operations in over 100 countries.
AIQ Stripe Integration

Sync Stripe payments with AccountsIQ

Our Stripe accounting integration allows you to facilitate credit card payments for receipts for invoices raised either in AccountsIQ or in third party systems, integrating the invoices and receipts, as well as charges and fees in an automated manner, saving you time and improving agility.

At AccountsIQ we integrate with Stripe in numerous ways, reading and writing data to the Stripe system to create payments for customers to make in their system, or we can read data from the Stripe API that has been created elsewhere. One common use-case is to read monthly or subscription payments and to create the associated invoices, receipts and allocations within AccountsIQ.

If you are interested in our Stripe accounting integration, get in touch or find out more about our accounts payable automation.

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