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SmartDebit are the UK’s leading Direct Debit service provider, with over 20 years experience creating recurring payment solutions for organisations of all sizes.
AIQ Smart Debit Integration

Automate Your Direct Debit Payments with SmartDebit Software Integration

SmartDebit make it easy to access time-saving automation and advanced payment systems – reducing late payments and improving organisational cash flow. Trusted by over 15 million people on behalf of enterprises and SMEs delivering industry-leading service and payment success rates.

Our integration with SmartDebit allows us to identify direct debit paying customers in the AccountsIQ system, and produce fixed or variable direct debit claims, which can be reviewed and submitted to SmartDebit for collection. Once the Direct Debits have been collected, receipts will be created and allocated to the invoice(s) that made up the direct debit collection automatically in AccountsIQ.

If you are interested in an integrated solution, get in touch or learn more about our accounts payable automation software.

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