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Kefron Accounting

Kefron AP is an Accounts Payable Automation solution which digitises invoices for ease of processing, approval and record keeping. This can help your business save money by eliminating the manual processing of invoices, enabling you to re-purpose your team to more valuable tasks, all whilst ensuring you remain GDPR compliant.

Automated invoice processing and more efficient workflows

Whether your invoices arrive by post, fax or email and no matter what format, they can be processed within minutes. Kefron’s document scanning and capture solution enables you to digitally capture documents and data.

Accounts Payable Automation – What are the real benefits?

  • Reduces the manual keying of information
  • Time and cost savings
  • Increased accuracy
  • Improved visibility and control

AccountsIQ & Kefron – A seamless integration

AccountsIQ’s integration with Kefron accounting allows users to work seamlessly together at no additional cost.

With Kefron’s document and data management service, data is automatically captured and posted to your creditor’s ledger where it provides clients with the ability to closely manage creditors ledgers and auto-reconcile payments with bank statements electronically.

With AccountsIQ’s accounts payable software, you can automate approval and pay electronically, all in one seamless automated workflow. The fully integrated solution can deliver savings of up to 85% on supplier invoice processing costs. Take a look at the benefits our client Hibernia REIT has realised.

Sound like the ideal solution for your company? If you are interested to learn more, get in touch.

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