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Data Driven Finance: Management Reporting Webinar

event_available Wednesday, 20th October 2021 schedule 11:00AM timer 30 minutes
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Many finance teams lack clarity in financial performance. All too often they are exporting data out of their accounting system into a spreadsheet to manipulate the data and get the reporting they need.

If you are a group of companies, this process can be incredibly time consuming, unproductive and lead to errors. Find out how you can access real time financial information, make better decisions, speed up decision-making and deliver the management reports growing businesses need .

The Webinar will cover:

  • How capturing the right data will give you one version of the truth
  • The flexible GL structure and 6 dimensions (BI codes) to give you multi-dimensional analysis
  • Consolidated P&Ls & dashboards so you can react swiftly to market conditions
  • The key management reports that equip the leadership team with deep-dive analysis capability.
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