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Renewable energy accounting software

Fincovi uses AccountsIQ for consolidated accounting and reporting of multiple wind and solar farm SPVs

Fincovi provides commercial asset management services to the renewable energy sector.  They’ve integrated their renewable energy platform for asset managers with AccountsIQ’s cloud financial management software. This combined software solution ensures their clients have detailed, customised financial statements, budget comparisons and performance reporting.

“The ability to see KPIs at a glance, and across the whole portfolio, is key to successful commercial asset management. We selected AccountsIQ as our accounting platform because of its unique capability to manage wind and solar farm SPVs in a highly controlled environment. We evaluated many accounting packages, but we found AccountsIQ to be the ideal system to manage multiple assets.”

Ray O’ Neill, CEO of Fincovi

Ray believes that AccountsIQ is rapidly becoming the financial management platform of choice for renewable energy companies. That’s mainly because of the consolidation and reporting features. These allow companies to manage all their SPVs on one platform, with the same coding structure.

Another key benefit is the ability to integrate with other business systems through AccountsIQ’s open API structure and customised integrations. “Our clients need to have confidence in the data,” says Ray. “They also need that data at their fingertips; that’s essential to stay in control and manage cash across the portfolio.

“It’s been a pleasure working with AccountsIQ,” concludes Ray. “They’re a fellow Irish company, and we’re confident that together we’ve developed a solution for the renewable energy industry that’s second to none.”

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