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Integrating with AccountsIQ Just Got Easier

Integrating with AccountsIQ Just Got Easier 

Our new Integration Applications Developer Portal is now live which means integrating with AccountsIQ just got faster and easier. Empowering our customers is at the core of this enhancement that offers seamless software integration for AccountsIQ users. Customer Administrators can now have full control over their integrated applications via the portal. This includes being able to access pre-existing applications, create new ones, manage or revoke access to crucial company data and conveniently download activity logs.  

A key highlight of the portal is the enhanced authority granted to Group Customer Admins. Now, when dealing with applications that span multiple entities within a group, administrators can swiftly grant or revoke access to more or fewer entities as needed, along with the ability to grant read and write access by application. 

To further facilitate a seamless integration experience, the AccountsIQ Integrate service allows Admins to request access to popular integrations already created via the portal. With access to nearly 30 existing integrations with applications like Salesforce, Concur, AutoEntry, Kefron AP, Opera, Lightyear, Stripe and Expensify, our customers can enjoy an enhanced and simplified integration journey. 

The advantages the portal offers don’t stop there. It comes equipped with a rich library of resources, curated to address specific use cases, along with comprehensive step-by-step guides and regular technical updates designed to cater to the needs of developers and partners integrating with AccountsIQ.  

Enhancing workflow with AccountsIQ integration tools 

Additionally, we are proud to announce a major upgrade to the authentication process within the new Developer Portal. Leveraging the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol, this secure process replaces the previous token method, thereby streamlining the experience for integrators connecting to AccountsIQ's SOAP API. This cutting-edge authentication workflow paves the way for developers to accelerate the development of their integration software, ensuring a faster, more efficient integration process with AccountsIQ. 

Streamlining business operations with AccountsIQ integration 

Maximising efficiency with AccountsIQ integration strategies is now possible for organisations of all sizes. Integrating business software applications offers numerous benefits that contribute to improved efficiency, productivity and overall performance, for example: 

  • Replacing manual data entry with digital data capture reduces the potential for errors. It also allows data to flow seamlessly between different software systems.  
  • Streamlining processes in this way drives productivity up and allows you to automate repetitive, boring tasks.  
  • It also gives you access to real-time data, business-wide, and the ability to draw insights from a wider and more consistent data-set. 

Optimising processes via AccountsIQ integration services contributes to a more agile, efficient and responsive business environment that will help your organisation to thrive. 

With the launch of our Integration Applications Developer Portal, our goal is to make integrating with AccountsIQ a seamless, secure, and user-friendly experience, empowering our customers to streamline operations and drive growth. Get in touch to find out more. 


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