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Sky’s the limit for AccountsIQ users OpenJaw

Sky’s the limit for AccountsIQ users OpenJaw

AccountsIQ users OpenJaw announced a significant expansion this week and are set to double their workforce to 450 staff members. Operating in multiple locations such as Ireland, Spain, Poland and China, the group use our powerful cloud accounting software for consolidation and ease of access in the cloud. This means management can login to separate companies no matter their location and view the accounts both at a group level and on an individual company basis.

OpenJaw facilitate $2 billion worth of transactions each year which run through their Travel Retail Platform. The software helps travel companies keep track of travel product sales and loyalty programs, a business idea which appealed to Chinese investors TravelSky who bought the company in 2016. OpenJaw’s innovative software links travel products and airline offers, therefore enhancing a user’s shopping experience but also putting OTAs and Airlines in a position to use analytics and data for customer retention. The concept enables different brands and channels to operate together, rather than through a multitude of separate buying platforms which are typically fragmented.


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