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Expensify is the world’s most widely-used receipt tracking and expense management app - making the process virtually paperless, saving time, improving accuracy and ensuring the VAT allocations are correct. Also integrating with American Express, Expensify allows expenses to be digitally reallocated, and automates VAT calculations.

Automate Your Expense Management within AccountsIQ

Our Expensify integration allows you to photograph, upload and record expenses, feeding directly into the accounting system. A significant amount of processing time can now be taken off from the cost side of the business. AP automation will allow you to extract the posting data and send the approval journey prior to automated payment.

Rob Shaw, CFO of Apera Asset Management uses Expensify integration within AccountsIQ. He explains:

"Everyone can photograph, upload and record their own expenses which feeds directly into the accounting system, everything is electronic and it is zero paper. It is much easier for me to review from anywhere and, although I still want to manually review line-by-line, the admin-heavy part of the process is automated, making it easier for everyone.”

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