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How Finance technology can help renewable energy companies power their growth

event_available Thursday, 8th September 2022 schedule 2:00PM timer 30 minutes
Renewable energy accounting software

Join our Webinar. In 30 mins we'll demonstrate how we help renewable energy companies like Phelan Energy Group, Three 60 Energy, Bay Wa R.E, Terra Solar:

  1. The challenges faced by finance managers of renewable energy companies
  2. How you can
  • Track costs and manage the profitability of renewable energy assets throughout their construction and operation
  • Manage multiple renewable assets (usually via SPVs) once operational
  • Spread costs across multi-site operations with a dispersed workforce
  • Handle multi-currency transactions for assets in multiple jurisdictions
  • Consolidate group-wide results allowing multi-dimensional reporting
Meet the speakers
Andrew Faulkner
Business Development Manager

Andrew has extensive experience in sales, customer relationship management and accounting and was previously an implementation consultant helping to onboard new clients onto AccountsIQ.



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