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AccountsIQ new release

New Look and Feel

In response to our users’ feedback, this major new upgrade is designed to save your finance function time and to improve the ease with which you can extract useful information from the system.

The new look and feel reduces clutter and can be configured to suit individual users’ needs. The new technology delivers faster and easier navigation capabilities, with smarter workflows, and new reporting functions to make month end less of a chore. This short video (3 minutes) provides a preview of the new version

Enhanced Cross Browser Support
The new version also makes more systems screens compliant with browsers other than Internet Explorer (e.g Chrome and on the Mac) than before.

Find Information Faster
The new Data Grids enable you to find the information you need lightning fast. The smart ‘Actions’ drop-down provides smart access to all the functions related to filtered records such as creating an invoice or processing a payment for a customer account. There’s no need to navigate multiple menus to find what you need anymore.

open orders page

My Profile — Configure the System Your Way
Now you can configure AccountsIQ to suit your personal workflows and processes. For example, an Accounts Receivable Person can now use one of the new standard system filters to find all customer invoices due for payment and then customise their personal grid layout to add or remove data fields from the invoice listing, setting it up exactly the way they need it for their particular role.

It’s now possible add your own ‘Custom fields’ to customer and supplier records. This is great if you need to hold additional information against these accounts that is not available in the standard set of system fields. These fields can then be added to grids and reported on using the new data filtering and extraction tools available.

accounts fields

Dashboards & Customisable Reporting
The performance dashboards within AccountsIQ have been fully redesigned to provide more comprehensive and useful analysis of your business and also to make them more interactive and easy to use.

They focus on the key metrics underlying the performance of your business and cover accounts receivable, payable as well as general ledger and sales analysis.

accounting dashboard

We’ve also improved AccountsIQ’s management reporting capability by adding a set of customisable GL reports. Now you can completely configure the layout of your Profit & Loss (income statement), Balance sheet and Trial Balance in a way that suits your business’s reporting needs. Should you wish to create custom dashboards or any reports please contact us and we will arrange for the design of your custom reports specific to your requirements.


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