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TransferMate Global Payments

TransferMate is a global, end-to-end, B2B payments platform which sends & receives secure, multi-currency, international payments fast and efficiently, handling almost every currency globally.
AIQ Transfer Mate Integration

A smart way to manage international payments

AccountsIQ has partnered with the global payments company, offering customers a new way to access FX rates for payments, automated from within the finance system. Customers can make and receive international payments whilst saving a great deal of time on what can be a very cumbersome administration task.

Our accounting software now seamlessly integrates with market-leading TransferMate, providing customers with significant cost-savings on their international payments.

Watch the video explaining how the seamless integration works

How will clients benefit?

  • International payments can be generated directly from within the AccountsIQ platform
  • Access competitive FX rates and instantly benefit from significant savings on international payments.
  • Faster settlement time and auto reconciliation as it is handled from within the accounting system – all postings happen automatically and no manual reconciliation is required.
  • Greater control over payment settlement through our approval workflow.
  • Only one login required (to AccountsIQ).
  • Benefit from a simplified, international payments process accessible for all.

Watch this short video to explain the benefits the partnership will bring to AccountsIQ’s customers.

Improved FX Rates & No Fees

£/€45 cost savings per payment = £/€54,000 p.a.

Admin Time Saving

7.5 mins savings per FX payment
= 18.5 admin days p.a. @£/€40 per hour = £/€6,000 p.a.
Total potential annual savings = £/€60,000 p.a.

Sound compelling? If you are interested to learn more, get in touch.

"Using the TransferMate Global Payments service within AccountsIQ has enabled us to make significant savings on our FX payments. On one recent FX transaction alone we saved €2,500 versus the rate quoted by our bank. It was also easy – doing it directly from within AccountsIQ as part of the normal payment run process. Saving money while streamlining our FX payment process – it is a no brainer for me.”

David McMahon, CEO, Emydex Technology

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