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Lightyear automates your Accounts Payable, eliminating paper-based processes and automating tedious tasks such as data entry to give you back up to 80% of your time.

Within Lightyear your approvals are handled with a simple click of a button. Invoices automatically move through your approval workflow to the relevant people for 1 click approval in a multi-tiered and fully customisable workflow. As your invoices are stored within the Lightyear archive never again will you suffer, loss, damages, forgotten or duplicate supplier documents.

The software enables you to automate processes, removing the stress of missing deadlines or losing days because of having to manually enter data and reconcile invoices. Line-item data is extracted from invoices in real-time with 100% accuracy, and suppliers statements are automatically reconciled, letting you know if you are missing any invoices.

All your documents are stored in Lightyear for up to 7 years and you can run reports to analyse your company’s spend by multiple parameters including GL codes, suppliers, individual products and purchases by different sites or brands in your portfolio.

How does AccountsIQ’s Lightyear software integration work?

Extract your rich line-item data and utilise the Lightyear automated approval workflow then seamlessly import your pre-approved AP invoices/credit notes including tax, GL account and BI codes line by line into AccountsIQ.

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“Lightyear is a great app that makes managing accounts payable so much easier. It’s simple to use and saves a lot of hassle and time each month.”

Mark Hollingworth, Sales Director

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