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BrightPay is an award-winning payroll and automatic enrolment software that makes managing payroll easy. BrightPay is one of Ireland and the UK’s leading market payroll software providers for accountants and businesses, helping users run an efficient and accurate payroll. Our safe, secure and intuitive payroll software minimises payroll administration helping users pay employees and automate tax calculations.

Our cloud add-on, BrightPay Connect allows users to publish payslips, P60s and client payroll reports electronically from within BrightPay payroll software to a secure online portal. The cloud technology offers powerful features including automatically backing up payroll information to the cloud, online annual leave management, employer/client dashboard and an employee self-service portal/smartphone app. The cloud flexibility enables online access anywhere, anytime for your business or your clients and their employees.

How does the BrightPay and AccountsIQ integration work?

  • When you sign into your AccountsIQ account in BrightPay, your nominal ledger accounts will be retrieved where users can simply map each payroll data item to the relevant nominal account.
  • The payroll journal can include records for payslips across multiple pay frequencies.
  • Users can include individual records for each employee or merge the records for each unique date.
  • A nominal account can be used for multiple items.
  • You can also specify any circumstances for which amounts should be mapped to an alternate nominal account code (e.g. depending on period type, directorship, departments, specific rates/additions/deductions, etc.)

Watch the video explaining the seamless integration.

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“BrightPay is a great little system that makes managing the payroll so much easier. It’s simple to use and I save a great deal of time each month.”

Katriona Flynn, Finance Manager

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